Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: 3 Things I Wish I Knew in College

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It’s been a while since I last updated the site since it has had to go on the backburner due to other projects. And no, I have not purchased that Elysium chair that I’ve been wanting. But after discussing college with my niece, I thought it might be beneficial to quickly share something about my own college experience.

I finished college with the mindset of the typical 20-something graduate—confident and optimistic, as if I had the whole world (and my future career) in the palm of my hand. In other words, a bit clueless about adult life.

Fast forward a few years, and I haven’t lost my confidence or optimism, but I have gained a bit of insight, as well as a few regrets. Specifically, I’ve have realized how I could have better taken advantage of my collegiate years to prepare for the daunting “career search” that followed.

For those of you lucky enough to still be in college (yes lucky, because your college years really are the best years of your life!), I thought I’d share with you my list of Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda’s – College Edition.

1)  Get Involved

Yes, it sounds completely clichéd and somewhat abstract, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get involved in something outside of your required classes. Be it the Business Club, the Track and Field Team, or the Student Gospel Choir, extra-curricular activities not only allow you to get the most out of your precious college years but also help to differentiate you later down the road. And with the job market becoming increasingly competitive and selective, standing out (even in seemingly trivial ways) can be the deciding factor in landing a decent job right out of college.

To illustrate my point, in one of my first post-college interviews, the interviewer spent a surprisingly big chunk of time asking me about the French Culture and Cinema Club, which I had joined on a whim in my last semester of college. Why? Who knows…maybe because it intrigued him or maybe simply because he was tired of asking the same old “tell me why I should hire you” type questions. Either way – I got the job! And I can’t help believing it was partly due to separating myself in this way from the other candidates.

2) Just Getting By No Longer Gets By

One of the popular student sayings at my University was “C’s Get Degrees.” Sure, a 2.0 GPA will get you a diploma, but will it get you a good job offer?

Sadly, a college degree today is probably not worth as much as it once was unless you attended one of those “big name” types of colleges in the US. As someone once jokingly told me: “A Bachelors Degree is the new High School Diploma.”  But if that statement contains even a modicum of truth, excelling in your courses will be even more important from here on out.  Looking back, I wish I had spent more hours studying for finals or researching in the library and less time playing beer pong at parties.  Turning B’s into A’s may seem inconsequential to you now, but it can make all the difference when you are competing against 20 or 30 other college graduates for one job.

So crack open that textbook and get to it. Before you know it, the new motto will be “Only A’s really pay”. (Yes, I admit that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…)

3) Network, Network, Network

The only networking I ever did in college was social — and even using the word networking in this context is a stretch. Clicking through hundreds of Facebook profiles of “friends” may be a distractingly mindless way of dallying through a Sunday afternoon, but it will do little for your career prospects.

Here’s what I suggest:  Forge some relationships that will be meaningful and beneficial for years to come. Volunteer at a charitable organization. Join the Alumni Association to connect with graduates in the same field. Meet with your favorite professor during his or her regular office hours. Professors (and other professional contacts) who truly know and like you, will gladly help you in your future endeavors, perhaps by writing a Letter of Recommendation or by introducing you to a valuable business contact. Like it or not, it is often who you know that will get you to where you want to be. (As a side note, I strongly suggest requesting Letters of Recommendation from your professors before your graduate. Calling an old professor 5 years down the road will not only result in a lot of confusion on the professor’s part, but it will probably also result in a less heart-felt and sincere recommendation.)

So there you have it, three pieces of advice from a college graduate who wishes she had done a few things differently. Start using your college years to their full potential. And begin differentiating yourself now from your peers (i.e. soon-to-be competitors!). Because believe me, a few years from now, you don’t want to be in your mid-20s, writing your own list of shoulda-woulda-coulda’s….

The Crazy Expensive Elysium Chair

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Dr. David Wicket created what is known the Elysium chair. This invention showcased an unfamiliar thought process of electronics. The Elysium chair generates a feeling of weightlessness for the occupant of the chair. In order to accomplish the goal, this chair utilizes a carbon-fiber skeleton and electronic joints and bearings. Sounds fancy and expensive? Why YES, it is. Keep reading to see if you still want it on your wish list.

Wicket is a British inventor, furniture designer, and possesses a Ph.D. in bioengineering. He wanted to create a chair that is actually comfortable to use in an office setting. He researched for 10 years before he was able to successfully create the Elysium chair. During his research, Wicket was able to figure out how posture and gravitational force are related to one another. By using this processes, he successfully created the backbone of the chair. Wicket was able to force weight to be equally spread about and apply a feeling of zero gravity. As a result, this technology puts less pressure on your back.

Usually, the term “sleeping on a cloud” is reserved for fancy mattresses but with the Elysium, it can definitely be applied. Reclining is completely effortless due to how the seat is mounted and truly has to be used to get the full picture that words cannot express. The 25% recline is very specific as are all other features on this beauty.

elysiumThe Elysium chair is able to assist the body in moving around by using rotational processes that even out the body’s center of gravity. As long as everything remains in balance, the Elysium chair will work as it was designed. Wicket has developed videos showing the Elysium chair at work. He advertises that the feeling of weightlessness with the chair is as close to zero gravity as possible. Not only does the chair allow you to sit comfortably, it is also the first of its kind to use hand gesturing to move. Basically, waving your hand at your boss passing by could accidentally recline your chair! That said, if you have a boss, you most likely don’t have this chair.

Where can you test or buy the Elysium chair?

The chair is handmade at a workshop in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is covered in Scandinavian leather. The chair is completely created through mathematics and does not use materials from regular office chairs. You can test the chair out at a Bang & Olufsen showroom in Knightsbridge, England. There are only 20 chairs available so if you really want one, you’ll most likely have to get in line. So how much will the Elysium chair set you back? Try a cool $26k. Still want one?

7 Technologies in the Auto Industry That Will Soon Become Standard

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Technology has changed a great deal, most of it at an alarming rate. New technology comes in, and older styles go out.

Let’s be honest, some trends are going to vanish after a few years, leaving nothing but a faint trace of what they used to be. Others are going to stick around for foreseeable future.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology that is poised to stay on track.

The Autonomous Vehicle

Some people assume that we are talking about a car that can drive everywhere at any time. That type of car is not going to be available for another 5 years or more. We need to look at what we already have. The technology we have now has allowed car companies to harness some of those self-driving mechanisms, but not the extent that we would like it to be.

Some say that in less than a year, some of the cars will go beyond simple cruise control style. We mention it because we want you to keep your eyes on it. It will probably happen whether you like it or not.

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The Override System

This kind of goes along with the first one. The only difference is that the autonomous system listens to the driver’s voice commands. The driver override does not. The driver override basically ignores what you have to say and does its own thing.

You know how your spouse ignores you and does what they want. That is sort of how this system is going to be.

An Example:  You know how your car will stop if you fail to brake on the road. In the future, the car will make its own choices without your consent.

That could be scary depending on how you look at it. Think about it… your car will be making the choices for you, including which direction you go and for how long.

Vehicle Tracking

Did you know that some states are already considering raising taxes and other fees based on how much a person drives? We did, and now you do too. Insurance companies are proposing an idea where the driver gets a reduction in rate if they sign up for tracking. That means they can track you and where you go, any time and anyplace. This idea is still relatively new and voluntary with some companies.

Scary, right? Imagine a world where insurance companies are going to require you to do that. Some are saying that we will be there in a few years time. That is how advanced technology has become. The sad part is that insurance companies want to take advantage of that opportunity. I mean it is not like they do not take advantage of their customers already. Take a look at your bill sometime. Prepare for this to happen at some point.

Vehicle Shutdown

There is already a version of that. You may know about it already. What do you think the OnStar Platform is? How many of you know the Telematics company? They are one of the companies known for shutting down the police chases because they remotely turn the car off.

Why do you think the police have never caught some of the cars stolen cars?

This could affect the news coverage moving forward. News outlets see their ratings increase when they broadcast a police chase involving a stolen car. That could change by next year.

Of course, those with older cars that are prone to theft such as Hondas and Subarus from the 1990’s will still be targets of thieves and there’s not much that owners can do. Easily hotwiring a car like these will still be possible but each year, more older cars are replaced by newer models.

Monitoring Your Health

How many of you drive a Ford? You may already be seeing this with your current car. They have this idea where a seat belt and steering wheel has sensors able to keep track of your health as you drive.

Ford is already thinking about moving forward with wireless technology in the sensors. Ford is a leading car manufacturer, so we anticipate that this idea will catch on with other car companies.

Look at your cellphone. Now imagine that as part of your body. That is what the monitoring device will be like. Drivers do not have to call the ambulance if something happens because the car will do it for them.

We will let that idea sink in for a while.

Personalized Car Marketing

It is kind of scary the amount of information tech companies have access to with regards to our lives. Think about the personal ads you already get. According to reports, by next year, these companies are set to link these ads to your car. That means you get in-car markers and promotions that can assist you with your driving.

Imagine that after 30,000 miles, your brake pads are finally down to their last bit of pad material and need replacing. Your car will sense this and communicate this data to your local car dealership. Next thing you know, you’ll get an ad from the dealership or local brake shop mentioning a special price to replace your bad brake pads.

Body Panels and More

The SUV and truck companies are seeing increasing interest in their products. Now, what happens when you combine both ideas? Imagine you are sitting in your SUV, but yet, you have the panels and motor skills of a truck? That is the idea that Ford is pushing right now. Wait! There is more! How about combining the notion of a minivan seat design?

Baby, you have got a truck, minivan, and SUV in one!

Meet Elio: The 84 MPG Car

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Introducing the Elio Motors vehicle that was created by Paul Elio. He is an entrepreneur from Arizona that created this marvel. This car can go for eighty-four miles running on just one gallon of gas. Another great thing about this car is that the overall cost is only $7,000 (according to Oards automotive).

His company, Elio-P5Elio Motors wants to provide a formula for a successful product that includes high safety standards, a fuel efficient vehicle, and they want the car to be made in the U.S.A. The cars are assembled in Lousiana in an old GM warehouse.

This car is intended for daily use and is not meant to haul heavy loads and carry large families. It is designed for efficiency and more for a solo person to use for commuting to work or to run errands. This vehicle is meant to be an addition to your current vehicle that you can use for the sake of efficiency and economy when you have to just get from point A to point B.

Being that it’s half car and half motorcycle, is there anyone that can do maintenance on it other than an Elio dealer? For home mechanics, can you just get a good low profile jack to lift up the Elio for basic maintenance or is a heavy duty motorcycle jack a better option? There are a lot of questions that simply won’t have answers until we start seeing some Elios on our roads. Maybe a cheap air compressor is all you’ll need (read more here) to keep the tire pressure topped off.

The new Elio car is expected to help with pollution levels by allowing them to decrease .35 percent. This new clean car has a great deal going for it including saving its owners around $1500 in gas per year. The car currently has only two seats but they are not located side by side like current cars. There is one person behind the other which is designed to make the car more aerodynamic.

Elio says that they manage to pull off the efficiency by decreasing the amount of materials that are used to create the car. They use half of what normally would be used in today’s market. They also skip the unnecessary accessories. They use what is needed only and skip all of the extras. You can, however, have the option to add other features if you wish.

The new Elio car is sports like so that it has an appealing look that will help boost sales, but it has a low price tag. This makes the car appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers including those that are focused on being environmentally friendly. There are in excess of 50,000 pre-orders for the car currently. The cars will begin to be produced in Louisiana in 2017. The daily production goal for the plant is 1,000 cars daily.

Pest Control Tech Advancements in Healthcare

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Just like any other organization or business, technological advances are constantly changing the way patients are cared for as well as how healthcare systems can increase their bottom lines. With the newer technology, healthcare facilities can use the knowledge, expertise, and experience to save money and take productivity to another level.

However, it is important to note that these advances usually span beyond what can be used in operating rooms. Therefore, you should know how these innovations can benefit systems in the pest management industry.

Similar to the latest innovative technologies, these new tools have been designed for a number of different reasons including tracking, managing, and monitoring pest activity. These systems are designed to make things in these areas both efficient and effective. In fact, when people look at the technological advances that apply, they usually let them speak for themselves.

Ultrasonic Deterrence and Pest Management

Over the past for years, ultrasonic devices have improved quite substantially. Tailor made sounds that can only be heard by rodents and not audible to humans are being made within the pest management industry.

These devices tend to be much more effective because rodents are simply driven crazy with the frequency and the pressure that they experience. With this kind of device taking the lead, the battle against rodents can be confined to the outdoors.

Newer ultrasonic pest control technology has also made getting rid of bats from attics or barns a much easier task. Prior to this, exclusion devices were the only way to keep them out and trying to close up every nook or cranny in the attic of an older home was no small feat.

Source:  How to Get Rid of Bats – Rid My Critters


When an individual or organization needs a pest control system that will work better than most, they may want to consider using pheromone traps. The primary purposes for these kinds of traps are to enhance communications via male and female through this sex attractant solution.

Typically, this kind of monitoring system can be used to detect whether there’s a presence or an absence of certain types of pests in any facility. With the use of a pest management solutions, the facility can obtain feedback and insight.

Insect Light Traps

One of the most effective monitoring tools is the insect light trap. This little gadget is a catch-all for flying insects. These traps are available in a host of different sizes.

If you have an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan, you will be glad to know that this system helps to facilitate a more advanced approach to solve problems like getting rid of pests. With this plan, the customer can expect a customized report that will help to eradicate all pests.

Electronic Monitoring

To monitor the activity in a health care facility, there are a few things that can be done and used. Currently, with electronic monitoring, users can begin to track, find certain hotpots as well as identify various kinds of treatment.

This activity is usually caught by other electronic devices too, including having to extend issues and concerns into monitoring stations so that information can be generated.

The use of these reports is now widely available within and outside the mainstream. For those individuals that use them, they can benefit from reports that are easy to modify, follow trends and a host of other things that will assist in audits and inspections.

For more information on today’s pest management solutions, contact Rid My Critters via Twitter.

Why Even Today’s Water Heaters Can Leak

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Water heaters have been around for decades. Other than the introduction of tankless models in the 1990s and the more recent introduction of solar water heaters in the US, they have remained relatively unchanged. For something that is found in practically every home and business, it’s mind-boggling to me that the average lifespan of a water heater has not changed much and they are just as prone to leaks as they were 50 years ago.

As someone who’s experienced a leak and had no clue what to do, I want to prevent others from having that helpless feeling when you see water OUTSIDE of your water heater. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to troubleshoot and fix a leaking water heater.

How Can I Check for Leaking from the Top of a Water Tank?

Typically, if you see some kind of water buildup at the top of your water tank, it is more than likely one of two issues: an outlet pipe or water inlet malfunction.

Look for a valve called the gate valve or an in-line valve. It will look like an actual lever in a parallel position to the valve. This means that it is open to let water into the tank. With the valve in the open position, you should be able to observe any water drips or seepage coming from the mechanism. If there is, then try to tighten the component by locating the nut that connects the lever to the valve itself. If this does not fix the water leak, then it is more likely that you need a new valve altogether.

With a water inlet or outlet issue, find these areas at the top of the water tank and observe if water leaks from these areas when the water is flowing. Specifically, pay close attention to the connecting points between the water heater itself and the pipe or tubing that is connected. Possibly, these connecting parts are loose and you can attempt to tighten them with a wrench to see if the water leak subsides. A more serious issue would be if these connecting parts have formed corrosion inside from mineral deposits and moisture buildup. Then, the pipe or tubing will have to be replaced for the water leak to be repaired.

Water heater leaking can also be an issue related to the pressure building up within the structure of the water heater. For safety reasons, when pressure builds up on the two main valves, temperature and pressure relief (T & P valve), both valves work to alleviate the buildup and remain open. This usually leads to water leakage. On older water tanks, these valves are usually located on the top, but newer models will have them on the side.
Observe the valve for any water that may be leaking from it. It is a threaded valve, so if you see water, you will need to take off the valve from the threading to see if the leaking continues. If it does, then the temperature and pressure valve needs to be entirely replaced. You can view troubleshooting for these issues at

How Can I Check for Leaking from the Bottom of a Water Tank?

The first thing you should check if you see water puddles at the bottom of your tank is for moisture that may be inside the component called the discharge tube. This is usually caused by a T & P valve issue. Then, it needs to be determined if it is a pressure issue or a faulty valve problem. This may be the time to consult with a professional to determine this for you.

Another malfunction that could lead to water leaks has to do with a component called the drain valve. No matter what type of water heater you have—either gas or electric—all water heaters have this part at the bottom of each tank. There are times that the drain valve has to be used to remove all of the water from the tank in order to clean the inside of any small particles from rust and minerals in the water that can accumulate in a water tank and cause damage to the interior. Drain valves have fittings that seal the valve tightly against the valve opening, but it may deteriorate over time from moisture and cause water leakage.

Troubleshooting Gas Water Heater Leaks

There may be a few issues with a gas water heater and why it may be leaking water:

  • The control valve for the pilot light may be malfunctioning
  • The thermocouple component may need to be replaced
  • Gas pilot is not working properly
  • The sacrificial anode component has deteriorated causing bacteria and sediment to block the valves

Before checking for any of these, make sure the pilot light has been turned off. This may be an electric switch that simply needs to be turned to the “off” position. Let the water tank cool, then check all the elements of the tank itself for corrosion, loose fittings, punctures, and even pinched tubing. Do not poke at the parts with anything sharp or pointed as you troubleshoot each part or area. This may cause a spark or gas to be emitted and could result in an explosion even though the gas has been turned off. Also, if you smell gas of any kind (rotten egg smell), call a professional immediately to determine what the problem is; don’t try to troubleshoot it on your own.

Troubleshooting Electric Water Heater Leaks

Instead of a pilot light, the water in this type of tank is heated by two elements in the top and bottom of the water tank. Begin by turning off the source of electricity completely in your electric panel. There should not be any interference with other appliances or electric outlets in your home since electric water tanks are usually on a dedicated breaker.

The first thing you want to check is if there is an issue with the circuit breaker itself with a blown fuse and not actually with the water tank. So, immediately flip the switch back on in the electrical panel and observe whether the water tank turns on properly. If this is not an issue, then switch it back off and look for other causes for the leaking water which could be the following:

  • Loose pipe fittings
  • Temperature is set too high
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Water storage tank is corroded
  • Heating elements (upper, lower, or both) are malfunctioning

Once you confirm any of these elements are the cause, most often it simply means replacing the part like a new heating element or thermostat. You can view troubleshooting for these issues at

With both a gas and electric water heater, once you have begun to troubleshoot, you should not open any connections or tubing unless you have completely drained the water tank. If any pressure has built up in any of these areas and there is residual water still inside, removing a part could cause hot water to spray out and cause serious injury. It is best to take some old towels and put it over the piping or tubing as you drain the water tank completely.

A Life Jacket You Actually Won’t Mind Wearing

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hyde-wingmanWhen summer kicks in, adventurous people love to test the waters in a bid to cool down the heat. This includes people who know how to swim and those who know nothing about swimming. Apparently, this group of fun-seeking individuals also happens to love the act of wading in water. After all, it makes sense to wade than to ride a boat during the scorching hours of the sun. However, even if you use a boat or a canoe, you still end up facing the same risks as a person who wades on the same water.

And then there’s a certain group of anglers who love to test the waters too far away. They convince themselves that they will never go too far, and that they will abandon mission if the waters prove to be life-threatening.

But the truth is that all water can be dangerous and especially running water such as that which is found in rivers and streams. If you know how to swim, it could be a plus. However, it doesn’t guarantee you absolute safety. Also, if you’re an occasional angler, you don’t face as much risk as someone who fishes regularly, although you still face a significant risk of being swept away. After all, you never know when Mother Nature will turn against you. In fact, you can never predict when the current will behave violently. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s your first time to wade in a river. The risks of wading, boating, or kayaking in strong flows are very real out there.

But that’s also the reason why a life jacket and even a dog life jacket exist.

Life jackets were created for the purposes of keeping you safe while out in the water. However, many people hate them because of their restrictive design. It can be very uncomfortable to wear one for long hours. But they are also the reason why you will get fined by your local fish and boat commission for not having one aboard.

On the other hand, PFD or personal flotation devices do a good job in saving you in case of emergencies. They are designed to stay out of the way so that you will never feel like you’re wearing one. However, they are not as effective as life jackets.

wingman-life-jacketThe good news is that there’s this type of life jacket called the Hyde Wingman. It is promoted as a PFD because it is slim, fitting and very comfortable compared to a normal life jacket. It measures just 1cm thick, and this makes it is the thinnest of PFDs we’ve ever seen so far.

The overall structure, starting from the head, neck and front area offers up to 25 pounds of buoyancy. What this means is that it does a better job compared to other PDF products in the market. It’s essentially a life jacket but can also be described as a compact, lightweight kayak fishing life vest.

What is more, Hyde Wingman is designed with both chest-pack and waist-pack to provide storage. This storage feature is convenient for tagging along some fishing essentials. The manufacturer is also looking forward to offering a hydration bladder to be used in conjunction with the Hyde Wingman.

So even though the Wingman won’t wrestle all odds on your behalf to guarantee 100% safety in the weirdest of waters, we can be assured of the fact that this is the first life jacket designed to allow you undertake all your fishing activities without interruption. It gives you the peace of mind you need when heading out into the dangerous waters of the wild.

Why Ingersoll Rand is My Impact Wrench of Choice

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ingersoll-rand-w5132Many people have really grown to love the tools that are available from Ingersoll Rand, even though they do all of their own auto repair work. Despite this, the overall feel is rather rock-solid and their performance is extremely capable. All in all, a great deal of thought and effort were put into the design of these tools.

Even better is the fact that Ingersoll Rand has added another great tool to their IQV20 product lineup of power tools. This product is a brand new 20V compact compact 3/8″ wrench known as the W5132. It’s often referred to as the most powerful tool of its kind and I believe it to possibly be the best cordless impact wrench currently available. Going further, it makes its case as maybe the best impact wrench overall.

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of any Ingersoll Rand impact wrench has to do with their durability. This is because these wrenches are specifically designed to be used in environments geared towards automotive maintenance and other types of industrial settings.

Impact wrenches are generally made with housings that are resistant to chemicals, as well as steel frames that, when needed, provide a high amount of both durability and strength. In terms of the W5132, it is said that this can deliver up to 550 ft-lbs of torque, as well as 365 ft-lbs of maximum torque, in addition to 50% more torque compared to that of other leading models.

Thanks to the fact that a great deal of brands focusing on construction are pushing into the automotive tool market thanks to all of their latest cordless offerings, it’s certainly refreshing to see Ingersoll Rand take an effort to push forward with both innovations and tools that are geared towards their target users.

All in all, the tools should be resistant to the following:

  • Solvents
  • Automotive chemicals
  • Fluids

They should be as resistant to all of these as they are to both air and cordless tools.

Another feature that many users find to be great is the power control dial, which is found on a lot of air impact wrenches. Even better is the fact that they won’t actually have to worry about switching to a new way of working!

The rear control itself isn’t all that different from traditional electronic button-selected speed and torque settings that are normally found on brushless impact wrenches; however, it mimics controls that are similar to air tools.

Focusing on the power control dial really helps to put a lot in perspective, especially that this kind of tool isn’t one that Ingersoll Rand created in order to just compete with other brands.

With all of that being said, all of the claims put out by the company in regards to this tool being the most powerful of its kind definitely shouldn’t be ignored. The claim that it has the best power-to-weight ratio on the market is indeed true, as it has 340 ft-lbs torque and up to 550 ft-lbs torque, which is a great deal of power for such a compact tool.

Do-it-Yourself Chiropractic

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kacelia-tru-alignMany adults throughout the country experience back, neck, or hip pain. As I sit here typing this article, I can definitely relate. Sitting down or standing up for long periods of time can affect us negatively in the long run. People look for solutions to their pain problems. Sometimes it’s pills, chiropractors, or a physical therapist. While these are good ideas, these solutions are not only expensive, but also short term.

When I first heard of the Kacelia Tru-Align body system, I was intrigued. It was developed by a chiropractor and is supposed to straighten out our spine to the correct position.

As someone with scoliosis, I could not wait for it to arrive in the mail. When it was delivered, I was experiencing such severe neck and head pain that I was forced to take prescription pain killers around the clock! Ironically, I had started using what I was told to be the best pillow for side sleepers and I believe that’s what caused my neck pain. Maybe I just slept wrong but the pain was bad enough that I was taking prescription pain killers around the clock.

Once the medication kicked in, I was able to open up the package. The first thing I did was unroll the sticky mat that came with it. I inhaled the smell of a plasticy, new car. Not sure if this was healthy, but it did not matter. I was able to mask the smell by using an essential oil. It took me two minutes to set the system up to match my body.

kacelia-systemOnce I was all strapped in, I began to watch the instructional video. I laid down on the floor to line the system up with my shoulders, hips, face, and shins. I used deep breathing techniques while I waited for my relief. After a few minutes, I realized that my body felt weird but good. I was not used to the correct posture position, but I immediately felt relief. It’s similar to when I first tried neck traction at home. Felt strange but offered pain relief. It is recommended to use the system for 20 minutes, I could only do 15 but that was okay. When I stood up and walked around, I realized that my headache was gone and did not come back all day! I continue to use the system on a daily basis.

The only negative thing I can think of is that the system is not made out of eco-friendly material such as hemp or other soft materials. This would be a good idea for the company to consider.
However, if you are like me and struggle with headaches, back aches, and scoliosis, I definitely recommend the Kacelia Tru-Align body system.

Who DOESN’T Need a Flamethrower?

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best-flamethrowerGenerally, people will use flamethrowers to help with clearing out an excess amount of weeds and other brush. Just thinking about that automatically makes some people want to go out and do that very thing! Not only is a flamethrower great at helping to turn dead plants into nothing more than ash, but they’re also great props for movies and Halloween costumes as well.

The X15 Flamethrower from comes in models for both left-handed and right-handed individuals, as well as six different colors. The package includes the following:

  • Flamethrower gun
  • Tank
  • 45-pound backpack
  • Three interchangeable wand tips

The wand tips are able to adjust to the efficiency and range of your overall detonations. For instance, the 1/4″ tip can shoot fire up to 50′ using a fuel mixture of 90% diesel and 10% gasoline. By using this mixture, the overall output will be three gallons in under one minute. The company also sells a Napalm Mix, which is designed to increase both the flow time and flame range, as well as as produce a tighter stream grouping.

The X15 Flamethrower contains a 4000 psi rating in terms of both performance and safety. This is roughly four times the basic operating pressure of less than 1000 psi. It makes the cutting torch kit I just used for a small project look like a toy. Every single unit is individually hydro and field tested before being shipped. They arrive fully assembled and ready to do their job!

It’s also important to note that flamethrowers are not federally regulated, nor do the BATF consider them to be a firearm. This means that there is no need for any NFA tax stamps, FFL dealer, or any kind of weapons licensing. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that both purchasing and using a flamethrower in your area of residence will not violate any local or state laws and/or regulations if you decide to invest in one.

Additionally, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a flamethrower; however, if you live in either Maryland or California, note that you are prohibited from purchasing one of these.

Check out the flamethrower in action in 4k slow motion: