Who DOESN’T Need a Flamethrower?

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best-flamethrowerGenerally, people will use flamethrowers to help with clearing out an excess amount of weeds and other brush. Just thinking about that automatically makes some people want to go out and do that very thing! Not only is a flamethrower great at helping to turn dead plants into nothing more than ash, but they’re also great props for movies and Halloween costumes as well.

The X15 Flamethrower from ThrowFlame.com comes in models for both left-handed and right-handed individuals, as well as six different colors. The package includes the following:

  • Flamethrower gun
  • Tank
  • 45-pound backpack
  • Three interchangeable wand tips

The wand tips are able to adjust to the efficiency and range of your overall detonations. For instance, the 1/4″ tip can shoot fire up to 50′ using a fuel mixture of 90% diesel and 10% gasoline. By using this mixture, the overall output will be three gallons in under one minute. The company also sells a Napalm Mix, which is designed to increase both the flow time and flame range, as well as as produce a tighter stream grouping.

The X15 Flamethrower contains a 4000 psi rating in terms of both performance and safety. This is roughly four times the basic operating pressure of less than 1000 psi. It makes the cutting torch kit I just used for a small project look like a toy. Every single unit is individually hydro and field tested before being shipped. They arrive fully assembled and ready to do their job!

It’s also important to note that flamethrowers are not federally regulated, nor do the BATF consider them to be a firearm. This means that there is no need for any NFA tax stamps, FFL dealer, or any kind of weapons licensing. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that both purchasing and using a flamethrower in your area of residence will not violate any local or state laws and/or regulations if you decide to invest in one.

Additionally, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a flamethrower; however, if you live in either Maryland or California, note that you are prohibited from purchasing one of these.

Check out the flamethrower in action in 4k slow motion: