The Crazy Expensive Elysium Chair

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Dr. David Wicket created what is known the Elysium chair. This invention showcased an unfamiliar thought process of electronics. The Elysium chair generates a feeling of weightlessness for the occupant of the chair. In order to accomplish the goal, this chair utilizes a carbon-fiber skeleton and electronic joints and bearings. Sounds fancy and expensive? Why YES, it is. Keep reading to see if you still want it on your wish list.

Wicket is a British inventor, furniture designer, and possesses a Ph.D. in bioengineering. He wanted to create a chair that is actually comfortable to use in an office setting. He researched for 10 years before he was able to successfully create the Elysium chair. During his research, Wicket was able to figure out how posture and gravitational force are related to one another. By using this processes, he successfully created the backbone of the chair. Wicket was able to force weight to be equally spread about and apply a feeling of zero gravity. As a result, this technology puts less pressure on your back.

Usually, the term “sleeping on a cloud” is reserved for fancy mattresses but with the Elysium, it can definitely be applied. Reclining is completely effortless due to how the seat is mounted and truly has to be used to get the full picture that words cannot express. The 25% recline is very specific as are all other features on this beauty.

elysiumThe Elysium chair is able to assist the body in moving around by using rotational processes that even out the body’s center of gravity. As long as everything remains in balance, the Elysium chair will work as it was designed. Wicket has developed videos showing the Elysium chair at work. He advertises that the feeling of weightlessness with the chair is as close to zero gravity as possible. Not only does the chair allow you to sit comfortably, it is also the first of its kind to use hand gesturing to move. Basically, waving your hand at your boss passing by could accidentally recline your chair! That said, if you have a boss, you most likely don’t have this chair.

Where can you test or buy the Elysium chair?

The chair is handmade at a workshop in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is covered in Scandinavian leather. The chair is completely created through mathematics and does not use materials from regular office chairs. You can test the chair out at a Bang & Olufsen showroom in Knightsbridge, England. There are only 20 chairs available so if you really want one, you’ll most likely have to get in line. So how much will the Elysium chair set you back? Try a cool $26k. Still want one?