Pest Control Tech Advancements in Healthcare

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Just like any other organization or business, technological advances are constantly changing the way patients are cared for as well as how healthcare systems can increase their bottom lines. With the newer technology, healthcare facilities can use the knowledge, expertise, and experience to save money and take productivity to another level.

However, it is important to note that these advances usually span beyond what can be used in operating rooms. Therefore, you should know how these innovations can benefit systems in the pest management industry.

Similar to the latest innovative technologies, these new tools have been designed for a number of different reasons including tracking, managing, and monitoring pest activity. These systems are designed to make things in these areas both efficient and effective. In fact, when people look at the technological advances that apply, they usually let them speak for themselves.

Ultrasonic Deterrence and Pest Management

Over the past for years, ultrasonic devices have improved quite substantially. Tailor made sounds that can only be heard by rodents and not audible to humans are being made within the pest management industry.

These devices tend to be much more effective because rodents are simply driven crazy with the frequency and the pressure that they experience. With this kind of device taking the lead, the battle against rodents can be confined to the outdoors.

Newer ultrasonic pest control technology has also made getting rid of bats from attics or barns a much easier task. Prior to this, exclusion devices were the only way to keep them out and trying to close up every nook or cranny in the attic of an older home was no small feat.

Source:  How to Get Rid of Bats – Rid My Critters


When an individual or organization needs a pest control system that will work better than most, they may want to consider using pheromone traps. The primary purposes for these kinds of traps are to enhance communications via male and female through this sex attractant solution.

Typically, this kind of monitoring system can be used to detect whether there’s a presence or an absence of certain types of pests in any facility. With the use of a pest management solutions, the facility can obtain feedback and insight.

Insect Light Traps

One of the most effective monitoring tools is the insect light trap. This little gadget is a catch-all for flying insects. These traps are available in a host of different sizes.

If you have an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan, you will be glad to know that this system helps to facilitate a more advanced approach to solve problems like getting rid of pests. With this plan, the customer can expect a customized report that will help to eradicate all pests.

Electronic Monitoring

To monitor the activity in a health care facility, there are a few things that can be done and used. Currently, with electronic monitoring, users can begin to track, find certain hotpots as well as identify various kinds of treatment.

This activity is usually caught by other electronic devices too, including having to extend issues and concerns into monitoring stations so that information can be generated.

The use of these reports is now widely available within and outside the mainstream. For those individuals that use them, they can benefit from reports that are easy to modify, follow trends and a host of other things that will assist in audits and inspections.

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