Meet Elio: The 84 MPG Car

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Introducing the Elio Motors vehicle that was created by Paul Elio. He is an entrepreneur from Arizona that created this marvel. This car can go for eighty-four miles running on just one gallon of gas. Another great thing about this car is that the overall cost is only $7,000 (according to Oards automotive).

His company, Elio-P5Elio Motors wants to provide a formula for a successful product that includes high safety standards, a fuel efficient vehicle, and they want the car to be made in the U.S.A. The cars are assembled in Lousiana in an old GM warehouse.

This car is intended for daily use and is not meant to haul heavy loads and carry large families. It is designed for efficiency and more for a solo person to use for commuting to work or to run errands. This vehicle is meant to be an addition to your current vehicle that you can use for the sake of efficiency and economy when you have to just get from point A to point B.

Being that it’s half car and half motorcycle, is there anyone that can do maintenance on it other than an Elio dealer? For home mechanics, can you just get a good low profile jack to lift up the Elio for basic maintenance or is a heavy duty¬†motorcycle jack a better option? There are a lot of questions that simply won’t have answers until we start seeing some Elios on our roads. Maybe a cheap air compressor is all you’ll need (read more here) to keep the tire pressure topped off.

The new Elio car is expected to help with pollution levels by allowing them to decrease .35 percent. This new clean car has a great deal going for it including saving its owners around $1500 in gas per year. The car currently has only two seats but they are not located side by side like current cars. There is one person behind the other which is designed to make the car more aerodynamic.

Elio says that they manage to pull off the efficiency by decreasing the amount of materials that are used to create the car. They use half of what normally would be used in today’s market. They also skip the unnecessary accessories. They use what is needed only and skip all of the extras. You can, however, have the option to add other features if you wish.

The new Elio car is sports like so that it has an appealing look that will help boost sales, but it has a low price tag. This makes the car appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers including those that are focused on being environmentally friendly. There are in excess of 50,000 pre-orders for the car currently. The cars will begin to be produced in Louisiana in 2017. The daily production goal for the plant is 1,000 cars daily.