A Life Jacket You Actually Won’t Mind Wearing

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hyde-wingmanWhen summer kicks in, adventurous people love to test the waters in a bid to cool down the heat. This includes people who know how to swim and those who know nothing about swimming. Apparently, this group of fun-seeking individuals also happens to love the act of wading in water. After all, it makes sense to wade than to ride a boat during the scorching hours of the sun. However, even if you use a boat or a canoe, you still end up facing the same risks as a person who wades on the same water.

And then there’s a certain group of anglers who love to test the waters too far away. They convince themselves that they will never go too far, and that they will abandon mission if the waters prove to be life-threatening.

But the truth is that all water can be dangerous and especially running water such as that which is found in rivers and streams. If you know how to swim, it could be a plus. However, it doesn’t guarantee you absolute safety. Also, if you’re an occasional angler, you don’t face as much risk as someone who fishes regularly, although you still face a significant risk of being swept away. After all, you never know when Mother Nature will turn against you. In fact, you can never predict when the current will behave violently. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s your first time to wade in a river. The risks of wading, boating, or kayaking in strong flows are very real out there.

But that’s also the reason why a life jacket and even a dog life jacket exist.

Life jackets were created for the purposes of keeping you safe while out in the water. However, many people hate them because of their restrictive design. It can be very uncomfortable to wear one for long hours. But they are also the reason why you will get fined by your local fish and boat commission for not having one aboard.

On the other hand, PFD or personal flotation devices do a good job in saving you in case of emergencies. They are designed to stay out of the way so that you will never feel like you’re wearing one. However, they are not as effective as life jackets.

wingman-life-jacketThe good news is that there’s this type of life jacket called the Hyde Wingman. It is promoted as a PFD because it is slim, fitting and very comfortable compared to a normal life jacket. It measures just 1cm thick, and this makes it is the thinnest of PFDs we’ve ever seen so far.

The overall structure, starting from the head, neck and front area offers up to 25 pounds of buoyancy. What this means is that it does a better job compared to other PDF products in the market. It’s essentially a life jacket but can also be described as a compact, lightweight kayak fishing life vest.

What is more, Hyde Wingman is designed with both chest-pack and waist-pack to provide storage. This storage feature is convenient for tagging along some fishing essentials. The manufacturer is also looking forward to offering a hydration bladder to be used in conjunction with the Hyde Wingman.

So even though the Wingman won’t wrestle all odds on your behalf to guarantee 100% safety in the weirdest of waters, we can be assured of the fact that this is the first life jacket designed to allow you undertake all your fishing activities without interruption. It gives you the peace of mind you need when heading out into the dangerous waters of the wild.