7 Technologies in the Auto Industry That Will Soon Become Standard

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Technology has changed a great deal, most of it at an alarming rate. New technology comes in, and older styles go out.

Let’s be honest, some trends are going to vanish after a few years, leaving nothing but a faint trace of what they used to be. Others are going to stick around for foreseeable future.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology that is poised to stay on track.

The Autonomous Vehicle

Some people assume that we are talking about a car that can drive everywhere at any time. That type of car is not going to be available for another 5 years or more. We need to look at what we already have. The technology we have now has allowed car companies to harness some of those self-driving mechanisms, but not the extent that we would like it to be.

Some say that in less than a year, some of the cars will go beyond simple cruise control style. We mention it because we want you to keep your eyes on it. It will probably happen whether you like it or not.

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The Override System

This kind of goes along with the first one. The only difference is that the autonomous system listens to the driver’s voice commands. The driver override does not. The driver override basically ignores what you have to say and does its own thing.

You know how your spouse ignores you and does what they want. That is sort of how this system is going to be.

An Example:  You know how your car will stop if you fail to brake on the road. In the future, the car will make its own choices without your consent.

That could be scary depending on how you look at it. Think about it… your car will be making the choices for you, including which direction you go and for how long.

Vehicle Tracking

Did you know that some states are already considering raising taxes and other fees based on how much a person drives? We did, and now you do too. Insurance companies are proposing an idea where the driver gets a reduction in rate if they sign up for tracking. That means they can track you and where you go, any time and anyplace. This idea is still relatively new and voluntary with some companies.

Scary, right? Imagine a world where insurance companies are going to require you to do that. Some are saying that we will be there in a few years time. That is how advanced technology has become. The sad part is that insurance companies want to take advantage of that opportunity. I mean it is not like they do not take advantage of their customers already. Take a look at your bill sometime. Prepare for this to happen at some point.

Vehicle Shutdown

There is already a version of that. You may know about it already. What do you think the OnStar Platform is? How many of you know the Telematics company? They are one of the companies known for shutting down the police chases because they remotely turn the car off.

Why do you think the police have never caught some of the cars stolen cars?

This could affect the news coverage moving forward. News outlets see their ratings increase when they broadcast a police chase involving a stolen car. That could change by next year.

Of course, those with older cars that are prone to theft such as Hondas and Subarus from the 1990’s will still be targets of thieves and there’s not much that owners can do. Easily hotwiring a car like these will still be possible but each year, more older cars are replaced by newer models.

Monitoring Your Health

How many of you drive a Ford? You may already be seeing this with your current car. They have this idea where a seat belt and steering wheel has sensors able to keep track of your health as you drive.

Ford is already thinking about moving forward with wireless technology in the sensors. Ford is a leading car manufacturer, so we anticipate that this idea will catch on with other car companies.

Look at your cellphone. Now imagine that as part of your body. That is what the monitoring device will be like. Drivers do not have to call the ambulance if something happens because the car will do it for them.

We will let that idea sink in for a while.

Personalized Car Marketing

It is kind of scary the amount of information tech companies have access to with regards to our lives. Think about the personal ads you already get. According to reports, by next year, these companies are set to link these ads to your car. That means you get in-car markers and promotions that can assist you with your driving.

Imagine that after 30,000 miles, your brake pads are finally down to their last bit of pad material and need replacing. Your car will sense this and communicate this data to your local car dealership. Next thing you know, you’ll get an ad from the dealership or local brake shop mentioning a special price to replace your bad brake pads.

Body Panels and More

The SUV and truck companies are seeing increasing interest in their products. Now, what happens when you combine both ideas? Imagine you are sitting in your SUV, but yet, you have the panels and motor skills of a truck? That is the idea that Ford is pushing right now. Wait! There is more! How about combining the notion of a minivan seat design?

Baby, you have got a truck, minivan, and SUV in one!